Why We Can Move Ahead into the Unknown: A Good Leadership Team

Weeks of a crazy pace. Building work. City meetings. Inspections and Occupancy permits. Discussions with members about future plans. And all this is on top of the regular ministry stuff that has to be done. There’s only one reason I’ve been able Waterbrook Elder Teamto keep going. I don’t do it alone. I’m surrounded by a phenomenal leadership team that make my work a pleasure.

We’ve just wrapped up an intense couple days retreat by the elder-staff team. It was several hours of meetings that followed a busy work week for these guys. Most came straight from work Friday afternoon. We jumped right in to a full agenda of heavyweight decisions. Everyone was well aware our decisions this weekend were charting the course for the next season of the Waterbrook journey. No pressure, yeah, right.

God has put together a team of pastors, scholars, teachers, businessmen who love God and take our role as leaders seriously, while not taking ourselves too seriously. I appreciate these guys who can dive into separate sides of a spirited theological discussion one moment, then laugh and encourage one another a moment later. Being able to trust that each man is fully engaged in the seriousness of the issues, while knowing they’ve got your back at the end of the meeting is a tremendous support. It also allows me as a pastor to raise questions and offer suggestions without fear of attack. If you’ve been in a leadership position, you know how freeing and rare that kind of atmosphere can be.

Waterbrook Building TeamSo, we’ve made some decisions. We’ve moving forward with our building planning. We’re moving ahead with the financing and fundraising. We’ve drafted some basic elements for the “Phase 2” building that were handed off to the Building Team today. Yeah, it’s more than just the staff-elder team, it’s also about the building team members who spent a few hours with us from lunch on today listening to our initial conclusions and direction. This is another fantastic team who are on task and serious about the job for which they’ve been drafted. Their role is to take the ministry values and general directives decided on by the elders and turn it into real drawings, financial spreadsheets, and, eventually, an actual building. This team asked pointed questions while they were with us today, and they sent us back to answer a few more in the weeks ahead. I feel very comfortable stepping aside and letting this group develop the ministry vision into walls and windows.

And it’s all for the glory of God. We have no other purpose. It’s not to build a monument of legacy for an individual or small group of people. It will eventually be a testimony of the sacrifice, determination, prayer and perseverance of an entire congregation of people. It will be a project that proclaims God’s faithfulness and goodness. What a great journey to be on together!

Speaking of the congregation, they’ve also been involved in the leadership and development of this project. We’ve had a great series of public Building Vision Meetings with members of the Waterbrook family in the couple weeks. I’ve heard wondeful praises, interesting ideas, hearts expressed for children, teens, our church family, and those who have never visited Waterbrook or may not even believe in God right now. That congregational vision and burden is what fuels the risky steps, and finances the dream in front of us.

There are a few other people who’ve made the weekend a little easier. Barbara Daun, Norma Peyton and Vicki Rossetti brought in and served a great lunch for the elder and building teams today. And my wife went above and beyond the call by providing a delicious supper for the elders Friday night (lasgana, salad & bread). Then, she was at the ministry center early this morning to have her amazing “from scratch” cinnamon rolls come out of the oven for our early start. I think she may have been willing to do all this because she’s seen so little of me in recent weeks. 🙂 With all due respect to wives everywhere, I do think I have the best.

Well, we’re moving ahead. Many more meetings ahead. More plans, discussions, maybe some disagreements along the way. To borrow from the current Olympic theme, we’ve started out of the gate and are flying down the slopes. There may be some bumps along the way, but our next stop is the finish line – a new building for our Waterbrook family!

And we wouldn’t be on this path if it wasn’t for a sacrificial church family and leaders who are focused on Christ as they lead into the unknown. My thanks to all. Please keep us all in your prayers!

A humbled pastor,

Posted: February 20, 2010 
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    You should put my pic on there to show I can drive a tractor.

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