Waterbrook Groundbreaking: Hallelujah & Hot!

What an amazing day in the life of our Waterbrook Bible Fellowship family! I began the morning with a stop by the 507 Ministry Center to see the Rush students (high school) who were having breakfast together following a night of video scavanger hunts and sleepovers. Arriving at Dodd Elementary, I was able to “pop into” almost every 9:30 class – Deeper Life, College-age, kids, nursery, auditorium, Wave, and Membership. What a thrill to see so many people in classes this morning. We followed with a 10:45 worship service that was tremendous! Great singing led by Pastor Don Moore and the team. Missions update from Charles and Becky Savelle. Powerful sermon from Teaching Pastor Stephen Bramer. Plus, free cupcakes for everyone as part of our ongoing summer sermon series, “Birthday Celebrations”. With all this, we were just getting started… 

After a quick tear down, everyone arrived at the Waterbrook property located at 507 Thomas Street in Wylie, Texas. Parking at the south end of the property, people began making their way across the hot field to the shade of the grand trees on the front lawn of the 507 Ministry Center.

The Building Team had supplied samples of the brick and stones being considered for use in the building exterior. Everyone was given a ballot and invited to share their perference in stone color. Those results will be tabulated and shared with the team for their consideration. 

 I divided people up into groups for each room area represented in the new Phase Two building. We marched into the building via the front entryway. (At my core, I am Les Nessmann, and just couldn’t let people walk through our invisible walls that were taped off with ribbon.) 

 The Wylie Fire Department showed up to take an aerial picture of the event. They were incredibly kind and courteous. I’m grateful to Captain Steve Seddig who worked this out for us.

I had young kids and their parents gather with works into the nursery and preschool room space. We had the elementary kids and leaders gather in the Splash! space. Our Wave students (Jr. High) stood in the bathroom space. [And only Jr. High kids would see this as an honor.] Most of the Waterbrookers filed into the sanctuary space, with the worship team in the corned on the stage space. A few of the leaders stood in the entryway. Here’s the picture taken by the fireman.

To get a feel for how the building will be laid out, I’ve outlined the general space of those rooms. It’s even more exciting for me to see how we begin to fit into the actual rooms…and also makes me think we’re gonna be going to two services very quickly after moving in.

The only problem with standing out on an open Texas field on a Sunday around 1:00 pm in August is the temperature. Afterward, I drove by the bank and took a picture of the temperature reading – 109 degrees!

 I explained to someone it was a little like the launch of the Titanic – a big celebration, followed by a horrible tragedy. (Yikes!) We moved as quick as we could, but standing in that unfiltered sunlight is difficult, even for a few minutes. We had a few people who had to be escorted off the field and into the 507 Ministry Center air conditioning. One individual had to be taken to the hospital via ambulance. (She was later released, and is doing fine.) But, it was very hot, and next time we all gather in it will be with air conditioning! 

 After the interior shot, everyone moved [quickly] to the perimeter outline of the building and got shovels ready to dig. We paused a moment while I led in prayer – thanking God for providing this property, and pledging our efforts to be faithful about His work on this location.

Here’s the shot of us praying around the perimeter as taken by the Wylie Fire Department.

Now it was time to DIG!

What a wonderful time of laughter and smiles and praising God! It was so exciting to give an offical start to a project that begun six years ago this month. Yes, just after six years in existence, Waterbrook Bible Fellowship is starting to building our first NEW building. It will give us a visible presence in the community. I pray our church will always be considered the family of people who live in relationship with Christ and one another; but, our prayer is also that God would use this new facility to help us grow in our efforts to reach and make disciples in Wylie and beyond! My favorite picture is the one above of our church family creating the invisible perimeter of our new building. It’s a reminder of what and who actually forms the church – the family of God. So, here are a few more snapshots of some of those people who make up our Waterbrook family…

It’s difficult to convey the excitement of this event. There is such a sense of God at work. We know to give Him all the credit and glory for whatever He chooses to do; but it is great to see Him working through Waterbrook in such amazing ways. And who knows what the future will bring? I don’t think three founding couples would have picked this property and known who all would have been at a groundbreaking in six years, but they knew God was doing something – and they simply chose to be faithful in what He was calling them to do at that time. We continue in that path today. As I heard someone recently say, “We honor the past, celebrate the present, and plan for the future!” 

I don’t know much about the Lord’s plan for the future of Waterbrook, but I do expect that the next time we’re all together on this property – it will be inside and the with AC on! 

We continued our excitement at lunch with some of our church friends. I didn’t care what we ate, as long as the place was really cold. We may have all had a touch of heat stroke, because we laughed and laughed and laughed together over lunch. We ended the day with some of our church family coming over to our house for an old-fashioned evening of hymn singing. We sat in the living/dining rooms and sang many old favorites. What a way to praise God for an incredible day. Oh, and we also had ice cream. (We were still in need of cold refreshment from dehydration earlier.) 

If you’re reading this and part of our Waterbrook family – THANKS for making my job such a thrill. I love each of you and am glad you’re part of our church family. If you’re a friend from far away – please keep praying for us. And, if you’re from the DFW Metroplex, but don’t have a church home – come by and visit Waterbrook sometime and find out for yourself what makes this group so special. 

Four more pictures. These are taken from the four corners of the building. If you use a little creative imagination, you may be able to glimpse some future ministry inside the outline of this foundation.

“But in fact God has arranged the parts in the body, every one of them, just as he wanted them to be. If they were all one part, where would the body be? As it is, there are many parts, but one body.”  – 1 Corinthians 12:18-20  (NIV)

Still Praising the Lord,


Posted: August 15, 2010 
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One Response to “Waterbrook Groundbreaking: Hallelujah & Hot!”
  1. Angie Keener says:

    The coolest! So thrilled for our Waterbrook family! Wish we could have been there to celebrate with you!

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