Time for some Laughs!

I run across and get sent so much funny stuff that I never forward or post. I thought it might be fun to post some of those humorous items. These are all pictures of funny things. Some with, and some without, comments. I don’t promise any deep thoughts, personal insight or spiritual relevance. So, loosen up a bit and allow yourself to laugh.

Proverbs 17:22
A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones. (NIV)

We begin with the perfect idea for Valentine’s Day. Flowers for her. Bacon for you. A Win-Win!

GOOD NEWS: Your family will have a record of your online activity.
BAD NEWS: Your family will have a record of your online activity.

Just in time for this weekend’s Super Bowl parties. C’mon, who doesn’t like this?

If I’d have had this sweater, I’d have been the coolest kid in the 8th grade. But, also the uncoolest kid in college when I was still wearing it. Who am I kidding? I’d still wear this today. “Deana, I’ve got a project for you to work on!”

Following that up…people wonder why I still wear costumes – all the time. Early business classes. What can I say? This says it all…

Details of my funeral service are in a file in my office. I know the songs I want, what I want said (not that I really get much control), and who I want to speak (assuming they outlive me). I’m adding this to that list. How I want to be carried to the cemetary.

Why I never understood those drawing classes and never did very well in art class. I can get to step 4, it all falls apart trying to get to the 5th step.

How sad and true this is.

I can’t say this is the look we get from Coco when it’s time to go somewhere. She’s always eager and loves the vet. But, still funny.

I’m getting this clock, then blaming it every time I’m late.

Even we mild guys live on the edge. Don’t let the meek and mild exterior fool you. Inside, I have a tattoo on my spleen.

You’d be surprised how real this is in counseling married couples. Guys, if she’s read in the face, get a clue – she’s unhappy about something. If things (doors, dishes, your computer) are being slammed around – she’s unhappy about something. Wake up!

Specifically for JJ, who will get this and think it’s great. Having “Mazda of Jeff” isn’t quite as cool.

I just have to pick on the cats.

Tampoline AND pool table? Best backyard turned into a Man Cave ever!

Younger folks (like my kids) think the 70’s were retro and old. Whay they will never understand is how totally cool it really was! I busted my skull open with a bomb made of a Pepsi can filled with sand – resulting in a trip to the ER. Yep, them was the good old days…

Other good thing about the 1970’s? No ADD or ADHD diagnosis. When you got wound up, you were sent outside to “play off’ that energy. Three TV channels and no computers made outside all the more enticing.

What I never understood about the vampires at night thing. Finally, a – dinosaur – brave enough to ask my question. *I am intentionally leaving out all the Twilight vampire humor. Pleeeeease, vampires who sparkle? I’m telling you, this is what caused the rise of zombie popularity – sissy vampires.

Making my case that though I’m “normal,” if I had a gazillion dollars I too would be a superhero.

Again, would be funny if I had a gazillion dollars so I didn’t have to work…

Since my kids think I am part of the Grammar Police… Texting should be more than 1-2 letter answers. Spell it out people. And learn them words and rules and stuff that makes it English.

Again, child of the 70’s. All things Star Wars are funny to me.

Keep telling yourself this…

More useful tips for marriage. Guys, if you get this note, the correct response is “Thanks, honey.” NOT, and I repeat, NOT, “Hey, woman! Get yourself in that kitchen and cook me some supper!!!”  Refer to hands around the throught above.

While we’re on marriage. Here’s my ultimate advice…

One more superhero post. You gotta think thoroughly through your superhero name before going public with it. I’m pretty sure that announcing my name with little thought as “Accordian Playing Tap Dancer Man” was what sunk my hero career.

Lots of 70 degree days in January this year. Flowers blooming out front. Yep, this is pretty accurate.

One for the science geek in all of us. And, if you aren’t a science geek then…cute cat, right?

Deana has 1 alarm clock. I have 3 or 4, set with multiple wake up times and methods. Most often I get up with the first or second, leaving the rest to annoy her as they keep going off. Who am I kidding? She never hears any of them go off.

And, I have about 30 more I could post, but this one probably sums up why it will be last…


The Unexamined Life and All

Posted: February 4, 2012 
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