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What does Jeff come across online as he browses the web? Good question. What links to people send to geeky pastors? Here’s a glimpse into what I ran across on the wonderful world wide web today…

After last weekend’s Saran Wrapping of Pastor Don Moore’s car by a church Jr. High group that will not be mentioned here, and this week’s Post-It note covering and Saran Wrapping of Charity Hartweck’s car, I was sent some other pictures of cars pranked similarly. Here’s a car that took a lot of work to cover with Post-It notes.

All I see is a HUGE waste of those wonderful Post-It notes. I’d likely put them into an orderly pile as I removed those sticky notes for use. Click HERE for the link to more Post-It pranks, like entire offices, a person, and even a full wall of Elvis made from sticky notes.

Knowing I collect comic books and am into all things superhero, someone sent me this excellent picture of the Flash by artist Michael Birkhofer. Birkhofer has done some excellent comic book work, but he also does some inappropriate work; therefore, I won’t link to additional work of his. But, here are some other very good hero graphic art images > CLICK HERE. Flash is the ‘fastest man alive’, and part of a legacy of speedsters. I admire how Birkhofer has captured the speed of movement in this image.

Looking for innovative fashion? Here’s a dress that holds live flowers. Seriously, the live flowers are part of the design. The dress contains little pockets that hold water vials. The flowers are inserted into the vials and become part of the dress design. It doesn’t look comfortable, but here’s a link to a couple more pictures and a story about these dresses > click HERE. Is this fashion or gardening?

 I actually was intrigued by a link for modern and creative BATHROOMS. In particular, this design that allows a person to hide their bathroom. Look at the bathroom fixtures in this first picture – sink, toilet, shower, linen closet; then look at the second picture. Everything disappears into the organizational closet. WOW! It’s very creative and ingenious. It reminds me of what I thought bathrooms would be like by the 2000’s based on old Jetson cartoons. Still, I wouldn’t do it in my house. At my age, the freqency of getting up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom would probably lead to me peeing in a drawer of clothes one night. I’m pretty sure one drunken party would result in the entire organizational unit being ruined. But, if you’re interested in getting this for your home – here’s a blog link with a bunch of amazing bathroom design ideas.

A couple friends posted links to cake mistakes this week. Both (who don’t know each other) referenced the same website – or CLICK HERE. I browsed around and found a couple worth sharing. I don’t know what this first cake is supposed to be, but it’s just odd enough that I’d refuse a piece.

Then, there’s this beautiful wedding cake. All cakes should be checked for spelling errors before being taken to the reception. It seems they intended a beautiful wedding sentiment. The misspell makes all the difference.

 Speaking of cakes…a friend knows we watch the The Ace of Cakes on the Food Network. He sent me this picture and story that combined the cake mistakes above with my geeky sci-fi side. The cake is made by Duff Goldman and his staff at Charm City Cakes.

 Here’s the version when they added the last couple characters to the cake. Still good.

What’s funny about this is not the cake itself…it’s the online discussion I read about this cake. Those Trekkies get very serious about getting these details absolutely correct. Here’s what was posted in the discussion board –

 CLICK HERE for this original post on this cake.

Speaking of wierd Star Trek geeks. What kind of person has the time to make this (very good) model as a dog costume? Who would do this? Who would spend the time to do it with this kind of detail? Do you really think these are the only cans of beer sitting empty in this garage?

One more Star Trek connection. All I know is this is a wedding picture. Groom is seated, bride is standing the right and holding a bouquet of roses. (They could be Antillian Darnar flower from the Grovolt system.) The bride’s name is Storm. This is the picture they’ll have hanging on their living room wall of their wedding day. Ooookkkaaaayyyy. If they are real Star Trek fans, and I’m going out on a limb to guess they are, they must be very upset that some goofballs showed up in costumes from Star Wars, Spaceballs, and every incarnation of Star Trek (series and movies). The nerve of some people. But, the worst of all is…the two people at the left hand side in dress and suit/tie. Did they not even get the same invitation as everyone else?

For what it’s worth, my guess is this is the pastor who performed the wedding and his wife. Yep, this is the exact kind of thing that happens to us at weddings. We get stuck at tables with weird relatives of the couple, and we don’t get told that everyone else is dressing in their favorite sci-fi costume. The worst part – I’ve been waiting for years to wear my costume that would have gone with everyone else!

So, that’s what’s been in my email this week. Anything here make you want to say something? Please leave a comment.


Posted: August 21, 2010 
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