Mosquito or Crane Fly?

We have these nasty LARGE bugs that spend a lot of time annoying me. I guess I’m not sure they’ve worked out a plan of annoying me or if they’ve just happened upon that treat as a bonus in their short lives. It doesn’t matter because I’ve decided to make them my nemesis.

Tuesday night my wife hosted her Bunco group at our home. (I know, what kind of pastor allows all that rolling of dice in his home? That’s a subject for another time.) As the ladies were leaving they had a tendancy to stand at the front door and chat…with the door open. I stood, trying to be a good host and not embarrass my wife, and watched as one of these huge insects flew in after another. (I am talking exclusively about the insects that look like mosquitoes and NOT about the Bunco ladies.)

We end up chasing them around the house. By everyone, I do mean the wife and I, the kids, and even the dog. They’re big, slow and easy to capture and kill. (Again, talking about the insects here. Not about my family, the dog, or Bunco ladies.)

The next morning I was at a community event and talking with my favorite pest control expert when I mentioned these pests. (Wendell Daniel, owner of He’s my favorite because he takes care of spraying the pests at our house and the church.) Wendell seems to think I don’t need a fifty-gallon drum of DDT, in fact, he put my mind completely at ease. Which might have already been mostly at ease due to inhailing fumes from a 50-gallon drum of DDT solution.

Turns out these monster bugs are NOT mosquitoes. Sure they look and act like mosquitoes on steriods, but they’re just a large Texas fly. Specifically, a CRANE FLY. They’re not harmful. Don’t bite. In fact, the adult fly might not even eat during it’s short (2 day) life cycle. With such a short lifespan, it explains why there’s no father-son education about not flying all up in the face of the guy who runs in the early mornings. The dying father crane fly probably has just enough time to pass on a picture of me and breathe his final breath. Thus, leaving the next generation to assume they’re supposed to swarm me while I’m running. They probably get a kick out of the spasmotic dance I do by flinging my arms everywhere to swat them away. (Last words of many a crane fly: “See the guy running with the dog? He still knows how to disco.” Heartbeat stops.)

They can eat grass roots at the larvae stage (as little grubs), but otherwise don’t hurt or bother anything. As adults, they’re just trying to see the world before they die. Unfortunately, given their short life span and a fly chasing dog, our house is about as much of the world as some ever get to see.

In summary, swarming mosquito-like creatures who look like they’re auditioning for the part of Mothra in the next Godzilla movie are just big Texas bugs out to have a little fun before the sun rises. Not going to harm me, unless you consider flying around my head and keeping me up all night a harm. And I do. But, I will choose to put the DDT away and let Wendell continue to deal with the pests around my house, although I know there are pest control services which could help with this.

I wonder if he has something to deal with Bunco ladies?

The Unexamined Life and All…

*Don’t take my word for it. You can read more about the Crane Fly at these educational blogs. (From Texas A&M) (from Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine)  (just another website I found)

Posted: March 3, 2012 
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