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You’d probably be surprised how often I hear, “Pastor Jeff, my latest tattoo was inspired by one of your sermons.” Actually, I’m more likely to hear, “My Sunday nap was inspired by your sermon today.”

It happened today over lunch. As I inquired about a new tattoo my lunch partner was sporting, he shared it came sprung from a sermon during last summer’s series on “Life Verses.”

First, I guess I should clarify while preaching when I say, “You should write this down,” I’m don’t mean to imply on your body. However, there is comfort for a pastor knowing people are listening. And, truth be told, that someone would take their application into serious consideration after a sermon, mull it over for months, then turn that application into something permanent on their body is oddly affirming. *FYI: Any teenager trying to argue with their parents for a tattoo who chooses to say, “But, I want that closing point Pastor Jeff made in his sermon last Sunday as a tramp stamp across the small of my back!,” will not get my endoresment.

Every teacher, pastor, instructor, trainer, or manager should consider what they’re passing on to others. Is it something you’d be proud to have them make permanent in their life? Do you want people to emulate what you model in front of them? Do you want your kids, students, employees, congregation, or neighbors to act just like you? Are you communicating by what you say AND do things that would bring you honor if those around you told someone, “I act like this because I want to be just like (insert your name here).”? Do YOU practice what you preach and hope others do to?

There are many times I walk off the platform after a sermon and silently pray Philippians 4:9. It says, “Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me – put it into practice.” (NIV)  I’m always mindful it’s the role of the Holy Spirit to convict people; but, in humility, I want to remind myself I’m not talking just to hear my voice each week. I’m sharing eternal truths that are intended to benefit people and draw them closer to God. I sincerely want what I share from scripture to be meaningful and have lasting impact. Not because I’ve got good stuff to say, but because it comes from the eternal wisdom of God’s Word.

Just in case you think this is the first tattoo I’ve inspired…THINK AGAIN! Here’s a collection of tattoos that have resulted from things I’ve said while preaching. If you have one, be sure to send it to me. I need to be prepared for what God is going to hold me accountable for one day.  The first one below was someone showing their love of me. (I think it was David Beckham.)

Oh, the love I get via church member's tats.

From "Know" to "Show"

Love those circular tats on the ankle. This church member is supporting both the church website and my personal blog.


Yeah, I've been known to say this a few times.

Lastest inspiration - from last week's sermon.


And, I don't often show off my tats, but since you read all the way to the end of this blog post.

With that…I should end this post.

The Unexamined Life and All…





Posted: March 12, 2012 
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