Denton Family Mission Trip 2016

Posted: January 22, 2016 
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It’s no surprise when I announce my next trip to visit a mission location or spend time ministering or teaching abroad. But, it’s always a bonus when any member of my family gets to go with me. That’s why I’m excited to announce the whole Denton family will be together on a special mission and teaching trip in 2016.

For the first time, Deana will join me during my week of teaching at Word of Life Bible Institute in Hungary. Why the sudden interest in listening to my teaching for another week somewhere? It just so happens our daughter, Amelia, is attending college this year at this school in Toalmas, Hungary. I’ll be teaching the books of Ecclesiastes and Song of Songs during the week of March 1, 2016. Deana will join me for these classes and to minister as we share meals with students and evening devotions in the dorms. (I’ll be spending time with the guys’ dorms while Deana is in the women’s.)

When leaving Hungary, we’ll be flying to southern Asia for a week of ministry among orphans and missionaries. (Contact me for name and details of location.) Since we’re leaving Hungary right as Amelia’s spring break begins, she has opted to join us for this week of ministry. Plus, JJ will be flying directly over from the USA to join us also. We’ll spread out for a week of ministry as JJ teaches music to approximately 70 different orphans at three locations. He’ll also be teaching some games for these schools. Deana will be either assisting JJ or assisting staff set up a new school program with young children. I’ll be teaching parenting and child classes to people who work with children. Amelia will be assisting all of us as needed. I’m scheduled to preach at a local church on Sunday, March 6th.

The trip has a lot of details with three weeks of travel and footprints in six countries during this trip. Deana and I will be spending a few days at the front end of this trip in London to acclimate to the European time zones (and as a rest from a very busy winter schedule). The entire family will meet up in the middle east to travel into the Asian nation together. Afterwards, we’ll send Amelia back to Europe while Deana, JJ and I head back to the USA. By the time we return to Dallas, Deana and I will have traveled the entire globe and gone through every time zone. We’ll also have experienced winter, spring, and summer temperatures in a matter of three weeks.

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Prayer Support

We very much request your prayer support for this trip. We will be traveling through and around some dangerous areas. Our schedule is tightly timed with different family members arriving on separate flights and getting on connecting flights together. It will be a constant schedule of pouring out into others that can be exhausting. However, it will also be a great opportunity for us to minister together as a family. When I first began planning my teaching trip, I never imagined spring breaks for both kids would line up to make this possible. So, I believe it is absolutely a God-opportunity for this to happen. Please pray as we prepare and travel. Pray for physical health and strength. Pray for wisdom for interaction with others. Pray for grace in relationships as we travel and minister under what can be stressful conditions. Pray for finances. Pray for sleep and and quick adaptation as we move from time zone to time zone. Pray for God to work in the hearts and minds of those with whom we spend time. Pray we would all grow spiritually through our own opportunities to serve others.  The professionals from, they have a wide range of the latest coupons and offers available online that you can uses to get all what you want.

Financial Support

Though I regulary support and encourage others who go on mission trips, it’s a little more difficult to ask for my family. However, I do believe in supporting those who go on mission as God directs. We are blessed that Waterbrook covers a large portion of my travel for my regular mission trips. The church will also be contributing toward each of my family members’ trips as we do for all members who go on mission trips. It does still leave several thousand dollars in expenses since we are all going. If you are interested in partnering with us financially, we would certainly welcome it. Please contact me ( for details on how to contribute toward our 2016 family mission trip.

We have travel and lodging expenses for this trip. We’ll also be helping support these ministries as best we can while there. JJ is planning to take several (reasonably small) percussion instruments to leave at each location where he’ll be teaching music. The number of instruments depends on the money he has for these purchases. We’ll be providing treats and snacks for students as finances allow.

Final Thoughts

What is your response when you hear someone else planning a mission trip?

If you respond with, “There’s NO WAY I’d ever do something like that!”, I recommend you reconsider that attitude. To absolutely refuse God’s leading is to tamper with being outside His will. I’d encourage you to have an open heart and allow God to lead. He may not lead you to go on a trip, but He might. Please be open to His will on a mission opportunity for you.

If you respond, “I’d love to go on a mission trip!”, I suggest you start praying about where He would have you go. Then speak to staff or missions people at your church and find out what trips are being planned. If there are none, try and determine what area or people God is placing on your heart and pursue an agency or missionary going that direction. You can find mission opportunities to the homeless in a nearby city or ways to go support a missionary on the other side of the world.

Don’t ignore the Great Commission. Find ways to reach out to those you see every day. Be open to God’s leading in conversations and brief interactions. But, also be open to His prompting toward bigger opportunities. I believe what a college professor told me decades ago – “You never know who you are and what you believe, until you’ve been someplace else.” Until you’ve looked into the eyes of people different from yourself and heard their stories, you’ll never really understand the story of your own life.

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