STAY by Dave Burchett – A Review

Posted: February 25, 2015 
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CocosFavoriteBook Stay Burchett

I’m often suspicious of biographies. Most of the time I wonder how well the author got to know the subject of the biography. Did they g

et to interview the subject personally? Was the subject completely honest with the biographer? Does the biographer have an agenda or viewpoint that contradicts with the real story?

I don’t have any of those concerns regarding Dave Burchett’s new book, Stay: Lesso ns My Dogs Taught Me About Life, Loss, and Grace. Though Dave is writing about Hannah, and later Maggie, he’s telling their story from his perspective – that of a best friend. Because Hannah and Maggie are man’s best friend – dogs. Dave has written what I think is the best biography of an animal as told from a human viewpoint that I’ve ever read.

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I’ve not stopped thinking about what the vet said after giving Dave the emotional news of a terminal diagnosis for this beloved furry friend. The doctor explained that Hannah didn’t know she had cancer and would live each remaining day with all the life she had in her. “Dogs have no fear of death, so they live in the moment. Enjoy each moment that you have.” What began Dave’s journey of observing and learning from Hannah has the potential to shake you to the core of how you live life. The lessons he learned along the way are for all of us.

The freedom and grace Dave discovered through the months that remained for Hannah will shatter your view of rules, legalistic morality, anger, and even death. It’s not a fun story. I know what happened to Hannah, yet I still cried as Dave recounted the end of Hannah’s life.

Initially that was the end of the book. But, in the way that God always gets the last laugh, there would be more to the story. Maggie. A new rescue dog. An opportunity for Dave to teach someone else the lessons of forgiveness and joy he had learned from Hannah. Could a dog eager to destroy some good furniture and quick to hide in shame learn about unconditional love? Could a wild animal discover freedom on a leash?

This is a book of humor, faith, the path of loss, and the journey of rediscovering joy. I never learned those lessons from the fish, lizards, and hermit crabs we had as pets. It’s only been with dogs that I’ve experienced those same lessons. Dogs have something to teach us. It may even be why God created them in the first place. Dave knows that and uses his own experiences to get us closer to the heart of God.

I suspect at the end of 2015 I’ll be saying STAY was my favorite book of this year. I highly recommend you get a copy and read it soon. This is a book dog lovers – all animal lovers. It is a book I think every Christian should read – and those who are on the journey of seeking God. It’s also a book for everyone who just loves to read.

I suspect Dave’s words will become your own if you read STAY. “Hannah’s journey has changed me. I am more aware of living fully in each moment. I try to live in the freedom of God’s grace. I am accepting with gratitude what each day brings me. I try to find joy even when I don’t feel at my best. Hannah’s graceful and uncomplaining acceptance of pain, and ultimately death, challenges me to become bolder than I have ever been.”

Full Disclosure: Yes, I know Dave Burchett personally. No, he didn’t pay me to say good things about this book. Yes, he gave me a free advance copy to read. No, he didn’t even buy my lunch the day he gave it to me. Yes, he’s a friend. No, he doesn’t cut me any slack, and neither do I him. Yes, I fully endorse buying this book. No, I don’t get a kickback from book sales for telling you to purchase it. However, I will expect him to buy lunch next time.

You can get the book at this link:

– Jeff Denton

Coco reading Dave Burchett Book Stay

Coco Denton reading the new Dave Burchett book, STAY: Lessons My Dogs Taught Me About Life, Loss, and Grace. (Tyndale House Publishers, 2015)

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