Happy Birthday Amelia!

Posted: October 23, 2011 
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My Texas cowgirl advances another year today. (sigh) Fifteen. (SIGH)

It’s not that I mind her growing up. I remember when she was just a baby. Those were tough years. Trying to figure out what the problem was before she could communicate with words was a challenge. Yesterday we spent a couple hours in the car together alone. While we were talking I was considering how much I enjoy talking to this young woman about important life issues, and friends, and ways to help hurting people. Her heart of compassion helps me stay connected and concerned about people I might otherwise ignore.

This fall has been crazy with high school volleyball and marching band. Summer got shorter as we lost her to all-day¬†practices (for both) on August 1st. Since school started she’s spent 12 hours a day at school most days. The only days she hasn’t spent 12 hours is when it’s been LONGER. Game days end up being anywhere from 15 to 17 hour days. I see the light at the end of the tunnel with both seasons about to wrap up. Then, the other day she’s mulling around whether she’d like to go out for golf or tennis next. Parental voice chimes in, “How about we spend at least one quarter of your freshman year focused soley on learning and grades for a change?” She’s like her momma and looking for the next sport she can conquer. Dad would just like to save $40 a week he’s been shelling out to attend all these games for Amelia and her brother.

Her room is reflective of her dad. She can coexist with clutter and usually has multiple projects she’s working on scattered around. There’s a school project here and a craft project over there and some laundry to do in a corner.

She also makes friends everywhere she goes. When we’re together we can meet people and talk to anyone. Her mom and brother stay in the background and pretend to not know us. She loves to talk to people and is always telling a story of meeting someone new. She’s already bypassed her momma in height, and claims to be about to overtake me. It usually doesn’t bother me, except when she’s wearing her cowboy boots. Then she looks me square in the eyes. I might need to get some boots of my own.

And she loves animals. Working with horses, feeding a neighbor’s cat, walking a dog for another neighbor – all pure joy to her.

I drove her to Six Flags yesterday in Arlington. Our one family splurge was season tickets this year. The band was going on Saturday, so I drove her over. Afterwards, I offered to take her to the World Series. (For our non-Dallas friends, Six Flags is across the street from Ranger Ballpark.) I didn’t have tickets to Game 3 of the series between the Rangers and St. Louis Cardinals, but she wanted to stroll over and see the festivities. She’s torn between cheering for our hometown Rangers and the Cardinals – which happens to be her grandparent’s team. We walked with the crowds all the way around the ballkpark. We chatted with folks, took some pictures, saw the Budweiser Clydesdales, bought a souvineer outside. We left and drove back home with a story about the year I took her to the World Series to celebrate her birthday. Well, she left with a story about a really cheap dad.

Another way she’s like her dad – she wants steak for her birthday. That’s where we’re headed next – out to a cowboy place to get some meat and taters. I will sacrifice for her. I love this girl, and always will.

Happy Birthday Amelia!


Amelia at the net and ready to go.


With Grandma & Grandpa Denton after one of Amelia's volleyball games this fall.

Marching with the Pride of the East during a pregame show early in the season. Second from the last with her hair up in a bun.


Wylie East Flute Player




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