JJ Reports: Jeff as WatchD.O.G.

Posted: December 8, 2009 
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This year they introduced a new program at JJ’s school – WatchD.O.G.S. (Dads Of Great Students). A WatchDOG dad shows up, patrols the halls, checks for locked doors, helps in PE, does lunch duty, and gets to wear a school walkie-talkie. They wouldn’t let me carry a billy club, but it was still a lot of fun. I tried to explain it could be even more fun if they let me carry and use a billy club! I was still in the sling, so I wasn’t too intimidating. My “Ouch! Careful. Don’t touch me!” may have made me appear more of a WatchKOALA than a WatchDOG. I asked JJ to write up his observations from the day. Here’s what he wrote:


One day my dad came to be the Watchdog of the day at my school. First we had to get in. We couldn’t go in the front door because it was locked so we had to go in a different way. When we got inside we had to report to the office and dad got his watchdog shirt and I got a really big sticker that said “Official Dog Tag.” Then dad got his schedule and then they opened the doors and he had to go outside and walk all around the school.

Then he had to go to PE for two periods in a row. Next he ate lunch with me and walked with my class back to my classroom. After that he had to go back to the cafeteria for the fifth grade lunch period. He went to the gym for two more periods, one of them mine.

Next he had to survey the school and get his doggie bag that had candies and pencils and a bookmark. Right after that he had to go outside and say goodbye to the kids with Coach Weems. Then he went inside and checked out. THE END.

What he didn’t tell is that I also spend an hour in the library helping kids take reading tests on computers. The librarian knows me, saw me and needed help. I found out after an hour that I wasn’t supposed to be in the library. Since this is the first year of the WatchDOG program at this school they’re still trying to figure out how to use us. The principal has decided WatchDOGS can’t be in any classroom setting – only PE. JJ’s literature teacher had me walk his class back to the classroom after lunch. She was nicely giving me an opportunity to be in his class for a bit. (Which is how the entire program was pitched to us at a recruitment meeting at the beginning of the year.) I only stayed a couple minutes, then bugged out because I didn’t want the teacher to get in any trouble. I did appreciate getting to hang out next to JJ’s desk for a couple minutes.

I did have a great time getting to know the PE teachers really well. I think I made them nervous because of my sling. It was a “free play day” most of the classes had earned. Two periods were in the gym and the other two were outside. I was in the middle of flying balls, frisbees, soccer balls, etc. I never got hit, and even got in a little left handed frisbee. (Get right back on that horse!)

This ends a couple days of observations by JJ. His writing punishment is over. He did write some other stories during these weeks, including about the “Great War of Planet Germ-X”. Maybe I’ll have to post that sometime in the future.

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