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Posted: May 4, 2009 
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Let me introduce you to Pastor Andrew Werley. He’s pastor of First Baptist Church of Anna, TX. What does a Texas pastor from a small town do to end up on the Dallas evening news? He preaches about sex.

He’s been preaching a sermon series on marriage and family topics. He’s reached the topic of sex in marriage. Again, not a huge surprise. It may be the application that’s creating the hype. Here’s a quote from the story on the WFAA-TV news website: “Pastor Andrew Werley has challenged married First Baptist Church members in Anna to have sex with their spouses 100 times a year, or at least twice a week. ‘I believe God wants married couples to have beautiful, married couples’ sex,’ he said.”


So, I posted this story on my Facebook page and asked for feedback. Is it surprising the only feedback came from…men? They must all be godly men who speak on behalf of their wives. Well, except everyone said, “Don’t let my wife know I said that.”

My sermon last Sunday was on wisdom from the Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes. I was trying to communicate the value of applying wisdom to your life. Pastor Werley was preaching on sex and encouraging couples to have sex at least 100 times a year or two times a week. Guess who had more people show up to hear their sermon? Ummmm, wasn’t me. I’m not complaining. I love the people of Waterbrook Bible Fellowship. But, maybe they hadn’t heard in advance about Pastor Werley’s sermon? I’d like to think they’d still have been at WBF even had they known. However, I did share the story with one church member who promptly replied that he was going to be switching membership to Anna Baptist Church, effective immediately. I noticed he was sitting next to his wife Sunday morning at Waterbrook. I think I saw a lump on the top of his head.

So, what do I think about Werley’s sermon application? Honestly, I think he’s underselling his numbers. I encourage any Christian to aim for the highest goals. My goal in life is to get as close to the perfection of Jesus as this sinful life will allow. It’s a battle, but I want to hope for the best. Therefore, I say the number is too low. Let’s hope for sex every day, yet understanding this fallen world, we’ll be satisfied if we can ONLY reach 100 times in a year. (Do I hear an “Amen”? I think I do, but it has a decidedly masculine sound.)

One member of the church (we’ll say it was a man) went so far as to encourage me to preach the same sermon. Let’s make it a year-long campaign. He even provided our slogan: “One more time in 2009”. We could even repeat the series as we enter the next year, with the slogan: “Do It Again in 2010!”

Sure, I could go ahead and preach this sermon, but there’s a problem and it brings to mind another Old Testament book – Esther. Remember the story of Queen Esther? She came to her position after King Xerxes had summoned his previous Queen, Vashti, to his presence. Xerxes wanted to parade this beautiful trophy wife (Queen Vashti) before all his male guests. {Men back then could be such pigs.} Vashti refused to put up with the king’s behavior and refused to show up. It was such a shock, Xerxes advisors claimed if all the women in the kingdom (especially THEIR wives) heard about Vashti’s refusal it would lead to an entire movement of women refusing their husbands. Xerxes understood the dilemma and immediately began the search for a new queen.

If I stood up and suggested God wanted us to have sexual relations a particular number of times this year, it’s likely my quiet wife (who doesn’t enjoy the spotlight) would stand up and challenge that application. And seeing I wouldn’t have a specific Scripture passage to validate the number, the rebellion might backfire and spread to everyone else’s wives. Now we’ve got a new problem to deal with. Tell me, is it worth the risk?

And for the guy who rebuked me for not thinking of this first, I’d like to point something out…a new pastor doesn’t start off with a sermon or series on sex. You have to work into it carefully, almost “accidently”. Like maybe a series in the old, boring book of Ecclesiastes. When you finish Ecclesiastes, you simply continue on to the next book. What is that? Oh yeah, Song of Songs (Solomon). Well, how did that happen?

By the way, let’s keep this between ourselves and not mention it to my wife, OK?

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